QR Code Reviews – Trappey’s Black Eye Peas

QR Code Reviews - Trappey's Black Eye PeasMaking effective QR codes takes work.  To shortcut the amount of learning and work required, you can look at how others are using QR codes.  By using the best techniques you find and avoiding the worst problems, you can make your QR codes be the best they can be.

QR Code Reviews - Trappey's Black Eye Peas - QR codeToday, let’s look at a QR code on, of all places, a can of black eye peas (apparently, flavored with bacon).  And really, who wouldn’t like a bacon-flavored QR code.  There is a call to action and URL.

The encoded data is a URL: http://www.allens.com/brands/trappeys/

QR Code Reviews - Trappey's Black Eye Peas - iPhone screen
Overall rating: 4 out of 5
QR Reviews - 4 out of 5


  • The QR code is large and easy to scan
  • There is a very good call to action
  • The landing page is mobile-friendly
  • A URL is included in the call to action (but not the encoded URL)


  • The landing page does not feature the product

What We Can Learn

The QR code on this can of Trappey’s Black Eye Peas does a good job to encourage scanning.  It is big enough to scan easily, has a good call to action, and the landing page is mobile-friendly.  But, from a design standpoint, the landing page needs work.  There is no logo or mention of Trappey’s beans at all besides one of the ingredients (which features the kidney beans, not the black eye peas).  The URL is the company name and features the brand of the product but personally, I would have at least had the Allens Vegetables logo or better, the Trappey’s logo, on the page.

From a user’s perspective, the QR code placement is not bad.  Asking the user to scan the code for recipes featuring the product they are buying is a good idea but in this case, Allens Vegetables (the people that make Trappey’s) link to a recipe that doesn’t feature the product at all.  Good idea, poor execution.

The world is full of great ideas but the truly successful products and companies are the ones that have great ideas (or at least, good ideas) with great execution.


When making your own QR codes, keep the following in mind:

  • A good call to action is important to encourage visitors to scan your QR code
  • If you are going to go through the work to add a QR code to your product and design a mobile-friendly landing page, make sure the contents of the page makes sense for the customer. This is not the time to link to your home page or a general recipe .

If you have questions about how to get started using QR codes in your business, how to use QR codes more effectively, or how fix a QR code issue, let me help.