QR Code Reviews – Thermos Filtration Bottle

QR Code Reviews - Thermos Filtration BottleMaking effective QR codes takes work.  To shortcut the amount of learning and work required, you can look at how others are using QR codes.  By using the best techniques you find and avoiding the worst problems, you can make your QR codes be the best they can be.

QR Code Reviews - Thermos Filtration Bottle - QR codeToday, let’s look at a QR code on a Thermos water bottle with built in filtration (neat idea).  The QR code is about 1 inch square and includes a call to action but no URL.

The encoded data is a URL:  http://kaywa.me/SgY6C

 QR Code Reviews - Thermos Filtration Bottle - iPhone screen

QR Code Reviews - Thermos Filtration Bottle - iPhone screen in landscape

Overall rating: 4 out of 5

QR Code Reviews - Thermos Filtration Bottle - Rating - 4 out of 5


  • The QR code is large enough to scan easily
  • The landing page is mobile-friendly, both in portrait and landscape
  • There is a call to action


  • The call to action could be better
  • The encoded URL does not feature the company or product name

What We Can Learn

Thermos did a good job with this QR code.  At about 1 inch square, it is large enough to be easily scanned.  The call to action is a little weak, but at least there is something.  There is no URL but the landing page is a video, something mobile devices display very well.  The encoded URL is a forwarding URL from a QR code generator, most likely for tracking, but does not feature the company or product name.

From a user perspective, this QR code is in a good spot.  As the call to action states, customers can learn more by scanning the QR code where they are taken to a video.  The video shows how to get the bottle ready for use (cleaning, soaking the filter, what not to do, etc) and what to do for daily maintenance.  After watching this short minute and a half video, you can get a good idea of how this bottle will fit into your daily routine and how you can benefit from it.

Using a video to explain the features of your product is a great idea.  The easier it is for a customer to see themselves actually using the product, the more likely they will be to buy it.  Sure, the instructions in the bottle explain how to get the bottle ready for use but often, those instructions are tedious, have small words, and too many disclaimers.  Video, especially on a mobile device, is a quick, easy way to show your product in use.  What would you prefer, a short video or instructions?

Even if the customer decides not to buy the product, chances are good that they will begin to see themselves using the product and comparing similar products to that one.  Not too bad for a short video.


When making your own QR codes, keep the following in mind:

  • Most users are comfortable viewing videos on their mobile devices.  Explaining your products and services with video allows customers to begin to see themselves working with you and using your product.
  • Forwarding domains are important to use with QR codes.  Featuring your company name or product name in the URL can help with customer confidence when scanning your QR code.

We are starting to see QR codes on a large variety of products.  I’ve seen them on a can of black eye peasbrake padssilicone spray, a box of doughnuts, and many more.  What products have you noticed with QR codes lately?

If you have questions about how to get started using QR codes in your business, how to use QR codes more effectively, or how fix a QR code issue, let me help.   If you want to learn more about QR codes, check out my free e-book.