QR Code Reviews – Naturipe Farms Strawberries

QR Code Reviews - Naturipe StrawberriesMaking effective QR codes takes work.  To shortcut the amount of learning and work required, you can look at how others are using QR codes.  By using the best techniques you find and avoiding the worst problems, you can make your QR codes be the best they can be.

QR Code Reviews - Naturipe Strawberries - QR codeToday, let’s look at a QR code this pack of yummy strawberries.  This QR code has been designed as part of a strawberry graphic, something very rare in the QR code world.  The QR code is about 1/2 inch square and includes a call to action and URL.  If English is not your thing, there is a call to action in French.

The encoded data is a URL: http://smartyt.ag/a8eabb

QR Code Reviews - Naturipe Strawberries - iPhone screen

Overall rating: 4 out of 5

QR Code Reviews - Naturipe Strawberries - Rating - 4 out of 5


  • The QR code is small but easy to scan
  • There is a good call to action (in English and French)
  • A URL is included


  • The encoded URL does not feature the company or product name
  • The landing page is not mobile-friendly

What We Can Learn

Naturipe Farms does a few things right and a few things wrong with their QR code.  Looking at the QR code itself, it was incorporated into a strawberry graphic that adds a lot of visual interest.  The call to action is very good, explaining what the user will gain from scanning the code, and encouraging them to scan the code or visit the URL.  In addition to the English call to action, there is one in French, something that I’ve never seen before with QR codes.  Unfortunately, it goes downhill from there.

The encoded URL is does not feature the company or product name.  Not that big of a deal but customers tend to trust the destination more when it does.  The landing page, while designed well, is not mobile friendly.

From a user’s perspective, the QR code placement is not bad.  The QR code and other information is printed on the back of the label which is viewed when the customer opens the package.  The call to action really helps to encourage customers to scan the code and learn more about the product.  Even if the customer does not have a mobile device nearby when they see the QR code, the call to action gives plenty of information for the customer to make a decision to scan the code later.

What Can We Fix?

Although Naturipe Farms does a good job with this QR code, there is room for improvement.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Using the company name in the encoded URL is a great way to build trust in customers.  Even if the QR code is created and managed by an outside company for tracking purposes, the initial URL should come from the company domain if possible.
  2. The landing page needs to be mobile-friendly.  If it is not practical to make the entire website mobile-friendly, the landing page needs to be.


When making your own QR codes, keep the following in mind:

  • A great call to action can encourage customers to scan your code even if it is not convenient.  They may save the packaging or get their mobile devices immediately
  • No matter how great your QR code or call to action are, your landing page must be mobile-friendly.

We are starting to see QR codes on a large variety of products.  I’ve seen them on a can of black eye peasbrake padssilicone spray, a box of doughnuts, and many more.  It will be interesting to see where they start to show up next.

If you have questions about how to get started using QR codes in your business, how to use QR codes more effectively, or how fix a QR code issue, let me help.   If you want to learn more about QR codes, check out my free e-book.