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QR Code Reviews - ATA Martial ArtsMaking effective QR codes takes work.  To shortcut the amount of learning and work required, you can look at how others are using QR codes.  By using the best techniques you find and avoiding the worst problems, you can make your QR codes be the best they can be.

QR Code Reviews - ATA Martial Arts - QR codeToday, let’s look at a QR code in an interesting place, an advertisement of a business that has moved.  The QR code is very large (about 4 inches square) and includes a call to action.

The encoded data is a URL: http://www.mobileata.com

QR Code Reviews - ATA Martial Arts - iPhone screen

Overall rating: 3 out of 5

QR Code Reviews - ATA Martial Arts - Rating - 3 out of 5


  • The QR code is large and easy to scan
  • There is a good call to action


  • The landing page is not mobile-friendly

What We Can Learn

Of all the ways to use a QR code, this one is pretty unique.  By adding one to the window decal showing they were moving location, ATA Martial Arts is helping potential customers easily find their website and thus, their new location.  Unfortunately, the landing page is not mobile-friendly.

In a situation like this, it would have been easy to create a custom landing page to engage with customers that see the window decal.  Using a QR code to direct visitors to that landing page is a great way to engage with a very specific segment of potential customers.  By interacting with that specific segment of customers, ATA Martial Arts could have collected information, encouraged visitors to stop by the new location (maybe with a coupon), or showed off the new location.

With just a little more effort and planning, ATA Martial Arts could have added a few QR codes, one with GPS coordinates of the new location, one with a link to a custom landing page, and one to a video walk-through of the new location.  If that is too cluttered, the landing page could have all the information and links with just one QR code on the windows decal directing customers to visit.

From a user’s perspective, the QR code placement is good.  If a customer decides to visit the previous location, they can easily see that ATA Martial Arts has moved and the address of the new location.  At that time, they can use the QR code to visit the site.  With better planning and a little more work, they could have engaged more with the customers that took the time to use the QR code and visit the site.


When making your own QR codes, keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t forget that QR codes can be used to encode a variety of data including web links, phone numbers, GPS locations, and much more.
  • Consider what your customers are looking for.  If you are moving locations, why not give them directions to the new store, pictures of the new location, or coupons to encourage them to visit

If you have questions about how to get started using QR codes in your business, how to use QR codes more effectively, or how fix a QR code issue, let me help.  If you want to learn more on your own, check out my free e-book.