Top 5 Free QR Code Apps For Your iPhone

So, you want to get started using QR codes but you need a QR code app.  Which one do you choose?

Fortunately, you have a lot of choices.  There are thousands of search results for the keywords “QR scanner”.  Some are good.  Some are bad.  And let’s just not mention the really awful ones.  Today, let’s focus on the Top 5 Free QR code apps you should consider for you iPhone.

Top 5 Free QR Code Apps

Bakodo – Barcode Scanner and QR Code Scanner

Top 5 Free QR Code Apps For Your iPhone - BakodoDedoware Inc.

4+ star rating with 3,416 reviews

Top 5 Free QR Code Apps For Your iPhone - Bakodo - App screenBakodo does a good jobs scaning QR codes quickly and easily with just a second or so delay upon opening.
You are shown the data (in this case, a URL) and given the option to perform the default action (Open URL) or to view the data.  If the encoded data is not in an expected format, such as this one from Core Bamboo, you are given the option to view the data.

Every code that I scanned which contained an improperly formatted URL, omitting the http:// for example, Bakodo hyperlinked the data and I could reach the site as intended.  The app also keeps a history of your scans so you can revisit a site even after you no longer have access to the QR code.


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7 Powerful Tips to Supercharge Your QR Codes

One of the best ways to learn is to make mistakes.  Sure, sometimes mistakes hurt but without failure, there is no learning.  Luckily, we don’t have to rely on our own mistakes for learning, we can learn from the mistakes of others.  That works in life and with QR codes.

Over the past year, I’ve reviewed over one hundred QR codes that can be found in stores, in restaurants, on product packages, and more.  Some are good or even great while some are…    well, let’s say less good.  Most are from companies you will know and recognize, like Chick-Fil-A and Maglite while others may not be familiar to you, like InnovAsian and Allens Inc.

When looking at QR codes, there are several important points to consider.  Looking back over the past one hundred reviews, I have condensed the list down to seven areas that can have a powerful effect (both good and bad) on your QR codes.  Here they are: [Read more…]

Is Clickable Paper Killing QR Codes?

Would You Use Clickable Paper or Stick With QR Codes - Clickable Paper appsIf there was an alternative to QR codes, would you use it?  What about your customers?  To some people, QR codes are ugly, horrible pieces of technology that will never catch on.  To others, a QR code is the best way to bridge the gap from the physical to the electronic.

If designed well, QR codes can add to your design and make your customers experience better.  Unfortunately, many people and companies don’t understand QR codes and fail to incorporate these little marvels into designs early enough.  But, what if we didn’t need QR codes?  What if we could take a picture of a piece of paper and get the same effect? [Read more…]

Apple To Include QR Code Scanner With iOS 7

apple-qr-ios-7According to TechCrunch, Apple is adding in QR code scanning functionality into iOS 7.  With this new enhancement, iPhone users can open the native camera app to decode QR codes and take picture.  This would save a step and having an extra app on your phone, but will it encourage more people to use QR codes?

The main problem with QR codes is they are use in the wrong way.  If you want to go to a website on your phone, you could either type in a URL or open a QR code scanning app (or the camera once iOS 7 rolls out), scan the QR code, and be taken there automatically.  QR codes do their best work when they are used as a shortcut to get information from a physical form (URLs, contact information, calendar events, etc) into a digital form.   [Read more…]