Apple To Include QR Code Scanner With iOS 7

apple-qr-ios-7According to TechCrunch, Apple is adding in QR code scanning functionality into iOS 7.  With this new enhancement, iPhone users can open the native camera app to decode QR codes and take picture.  This would save a step and having an extra app on your phone, but will it encourage more people to use QR codes?

The main problem with QR codes is they are use in the wrong way.  If you want to go to a website on your phone, you could either type in a URL or open a QR code scanning app (or the camera once iOS 7 rolls out), scan the QR code, and be taken there automatically.  QR codes do their best work when they are used as a shortcut to get information from a physical form (URLs, contact information, calendar events, etc) into a digital form.  

Sure, you can enter a long URL or the information on a business card (or have someone else do that for you) but QR codes let us encode the data and share it in a physical, printed form.  With a simple app, the data can then be decoded and used in the digital realm.  There are few easier methods of getting information from a physical form to a digital form.

What do you think?  Will having a QR code scanner built into the camera app in iOS 7 encourage you to use QR codes more?